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Exposing the system

We are all already conditioned and our thinking pattern is fixed. We assume that no one consciously wants to ‘NOT’ want to live, work or live sustainably. Who would be so foolish as to want to purposefully destroy our planet and our lifeline. Because if we were to ask you: Do you want to exterminate our polar bears, everyone would of course not say.

Yet we fail to change ‘THE SYSTEM’. Sometimes it almost seems like ‘David against Goliath’. Sometimes we feel that way too. It makes you despondent as a person. As an entrepreneur you do not get your investors on board. As a manager you cannot compete with the complexity of changing an entire production system. As a family it is already difficult to cope with all the daily worries. Never mind that in between all that disinformation, you also have to separate the wheat from the chaff and add those problems as well. Life is hard enough for everyone. The Lives are all separate system

Learning to see connections between cause and effect between systems

It is impossible to separate all those different systems, biotopes. Everything has a cause and effect. But sometimes we no longer see the connections because the world is also becoming complex and we are also sometimes far too distant from the cause and effect of our choices. We take great pride in sorting waste. The pick-up truck comes by and the stocking is finished. Maybe if we take a closer look at the system of how waste is processed and understand that we are making different choices. For example, by producing less waste yourself. Then less plastic has to be processed. So seeing connections and being better informed to make choices is crucial.

We make it simple .

We give everyone the necessary tools by refocusing our own thinking, norms and values via a simple checklist. It helps to take the ‘pressure’ off the boiler and to better understand THE SYSTEM.

Because asking the right questions at the right time is how we can intervene on ‘THE SYSTEM’. By breaking through patterns and testing our actions against our new values.

You could call it ‘Systemic’ thinking, but we don’t like boxes. Besides, we have sometimes lost the relationship with our gut feeling. We call that intuition. When you feel connections between cause and effect, but you can’t put your finger on it. But something tells you it’s not right. We try to expose those mechanisms so that you can make more conscious ‘sustainable’ choices. But thinking is one thing. We must also do and take action.

Change has to happen from within.

Nothing is sustainable if you have to do it. You have to want and believe it yourself. That is why many large imposed change processes fail and the ‘jungle’ takes over again afterwards. We all know how difficult it is to keep those ‘good’ New Year’s resolutions. Only if we are really aware of it ourselves will it succeed.
Support from family or friends is also a determining factor. That is why ‘building communities’ around a common goal is important. Even if you take turns getting a dip. The strength of the group and of working together makes a big difference.

Let’s stop talking and start walking.

We use the creation of a food forest to anchor sustainability broadly and to offer you a new way of thinking, living, working and living. In this ‘digital’ world we lose the feeling with nature.
People become dulled and lose the feeling that they are ‘alive’. Grounding and grounding and by rediscovering the love for nature only makes us more human.

It is also great that we are also committed to biodiversity and give nature a boost. But we also plant the seeds so that you can reap the benefits of that new way of thinking in the rest of your life. Because a healthy mind in a healthy body in a healthy world, that’s what we do it for.

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