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#100in1Day or Gluttony in Action on June 15,… Many hands make light work

Yet another historic moment but on the occasion of Curieus ‘ #100in1day action, we launched our ‘Smulbakken’ at the Woonzorgcentrum Sint-Job in Aalst.

In our Smuljungle, there are some 115 fruit trees showing off, but for the residents of the Saint-Job Residential Care Center, that sometimes seems too far. High time to bring nature closer to them, too.

While in some places in Flanders the rain came down in buckets, Aalst was spared the downpours, but it remained very windy. For many residential care residents, it may have been a little too boisterous after all, but it couldn’t spoil the fun.

The Smulbakken are built using an Australian process and water is given along the bottom. It was still some tinkering, sawing, … lugging bags of earth and diens more. But that couldn’t spoil the fun. Also, our 86-year-old photographer on duty absolutely wanted to drag along as well. There was no stopping it. Gustav also carried the necessary bags in his walker.
Thanks to the many hands and suggestions and tips to make our Smulbakken even better.

We worked on these prototypes for about 2 years and thanks to a contribution from National Lottery players, we can now place these Smulbakken in the WZC Saint-Job.
One is already completely filled…. The rest will follow next Sunday.

Want to know who the team is behind these Smulbakken?

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