The teambuilding event with ‘ever-lasting’ impact

Teambuilding events are becoming more and more mandatory and eventually miss their target. Even with COVID-19, it is not easy to speak of a team in this digital world where the majority of staff have to work at home behind their computer.

With our ‘start to foodforest’ program you can make a difference.

By focusing on a CO2 neutral, tasty ‘company garden’, we are focusing on biodiversity and increasing the company culture.

A food forest, food edge consists of 7 layers that increase biodiversity. By using fixed plates, edible shrubs and trees you can also taste everything you have sown and planted over time.

We pour everything into a ready-made action plan so that we increase everyone’s awareness about the impact of our ecological footprint. But above all, where we playfully reconnect everyone, hand in hand with nature.

From inspiration sessions by guest speakers, … to activities. At the end of the day, all actions are measurable and tangible. Ideal to include as a KPI in the business plan. Because together with creating your own piece of greenery, we teach everyone how you can also increase your impact through other actions.

At the end of the day, you are left with a ‘sustainable’ piece of greenery that all employees can enjoy for years to come.

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