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About bARK vzw – Everyone along

bARK.today is a project of bARK vzw. This nonprofit is drawing plenty of attention to biodiversity to reducecarbon emissions by taking action itself. We apply the principles of an edible garden, food forest; food garden, food forest edge, … and don’t think in boxes. That’s why we call it Smuljungle” ourselves but credit where credit is due that was a name coined by ecological green pioneer Bart Backaert. In the meantime, our “little club” has grown into a team of experts. Where especially inclusive “garden design” is our thing so everyone can participate.
For this, we came up with a unique concept of“Smulbakken” to also grow goodies but with much less water. What is special is that people in wheelchairs or with visual impairments can also participate. Ergonomic thinking and connecting art, culture and nature is ingrained in our DNA. That’s what makes what we do unique.

Size doesn’t matter. We go for a tasty edible green and have a solution for everyone which has been tested and has already proven its success.

Our initiatives not only connect people, animals and nature. We also strengthen the bond between people to create a more sustainable, tolerant and biodiverse society.

Want to get started yourself?
Then our basic training courses may be for you. We make it simple and you can get started in no time. You will know enough after this basic training to take your own first steps.

bARK.today for education
For education, we have an educational track where we use our “Smuljungle concept” as a living encyclopedia. Creating a “Smuljungle” is ideal for applying your learning goals to it. (Geometry, math, chemistry, nutrition, geography, biology, artistic education, …

bARK.today for residential care centers
Nature Connection also has its place in residential care facilities. With our specially customized “Tasting Bins” that are ergonomically made, anyone can engage in greenery. We also couple a full year’s operation with it. The choice is yours.

bARK.today for cities and towns
Food forests are swinging the pan and every day there is a new project. It must be said the regulations are not clear and many well-intentioned projects get stranded before the harvest is even reaped? So who will take care of those hundreds of pounds of fruit hanging on the trees to rot.
You can come to us for building communities or taking over doomed projects to revive them.

bARK.today for businesses
For companies, we draw the map of “sustainable team building events. In other countries, “corporate gardening” has long been a way of focusing on a positive corporate culture. We use the construction of a “Smuljungle or Smulbakken” on company premises or at another location to raise awareness about carbon-neutral business.

Our goal is to give everyone the strength and courage to think and act differently by joining forces.

The name “bARK” was not chosen haphazardly.

Bark is the English word for bark. The protective skin of trees and plants that produces wood. The covering on the outside of a tree is an example of a bark. …

A bark or bark in English is defined as a short loud sound made by a dog or other animals, or is any sound similar to the screeching sound of a dog.

A barque is also a sailing vessel with three or more masts, with the stern (mizzen mast) rigged for a bow and stern instead of a square sail. Tot fore and aft rigs were used on large ships to operate with less crew. In ancient Egypt, this was the ship in which the gods traveled.

Contact us for more info trees@bark.today

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