About Bark

About bARK vzw

bARK.today is a project of bARK vzw. This non-profit organization is fully committed to biodiversity to reduce CO2 emissions by taking action itself. We adhere to the principles of food forest; food garden, food forest edge, … and don’t think in terms of boxes. That’s why we call it ourselves ‘Tinyforest’.

Size doesn’t matter. We are going for a CO2 neutral nice garden.

Our initiatives not only connect people, animals and nature. We also strengthen the bond between people to create a more sustainable, tolerant and biodiverse society.

Do you want to get started yourself?
Then our 6-step plan is for you. We make it simple and you can get started right away. After this ‘Do it yourself’ course you will know enough to take your first steps.

bARK.today for education
For education we have an educational process in which we use our ‘Tinyfoodforest’ as a living encyclopedia. Creating a ‘Tinyfoodforest’ is ideal for applying your learning goals. (Geometry, mathematics, chemistry, nutrition, geography, biology, artistic training, …

bARK.today for companies
For companies we draw the map of ‘sustainable team building events’. In other countries, corporate gardening has long been a way of promoting a positive corporate culture. We use the construction of a ‘Tinyfoodforest’ on the company grounds or at another location to strengthen awareness of CO2 neutral business. In our wake, we take other ‘green tech’ companies with us to roll out a 360 ° plan.

Our goal is to give everyone the power to start thinking and acting differently, but above all to get started themselves. Either in your own garden or by joining forces or to purchase reclaimed land and to transform into a ‘Tinyfoodforest’

Let’s stop talking and start walking.

Do you want to support us? Join our organization and help spread the word. Discover all the benefits here.

The name “bARK” was not chosen haphazardly.

Bark is the English word for bark. The protective skin of trees and plants that produces wood. The covering on the outside of a tree is an example of a bark. …

A barque or bark in English is defined as one short loud noise made by a dog or other animals, or is any sound that resembles a dog’s screaming sound.

A bark is too a sailing ship with three or more masts, the rear of which (mizzen mast) is rigged for a fore and aft instead of a square sail. Front and rear rigs were used on large ships to be able to sail with less crew . In ancient Egypt, this was the ship in which the gods traveled.

If you want to support us, your donation is more than welcome.

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