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We all realize that we have to live, live or think differently. The funny thing is that we usually think that others should change their behavior without looking at ourselves first. Change is never easy and yet we know that it is part of our lives. If you stop and think about how you looked at life carefree as a child and experimented without fear with trial and error. It was an essential part of the growth process.

It becomes all the more difficult if you also have to get a larger group of young people, people, citizens, companies, governments to move and change.

We use the construction of a ‘Yummy Jungle’ as an alibi to bring about that change.

Our own methodology “ bARK for sustainable change” was not only the result of our many years of experience as a Change Manager and pioneering in digital space.

We also did a lot of research into other methodologies such as ‘ Theory of Change ‘, The Prosci’s method , or the systemic thinking of Donella’s Meadow’ s just to name a few. When you introduce new technology to companies, teaching people new ways of thinking and working is a daily occurrence.

In addition, we also work very closely with pedagogues and teachers who are also working with new methodologies in education. In addition, it is ‘connectivity’ where learning networks are never far off the mark. Our philosophy became clear.

But we went one step further because during our research for good examples of community food forests found that many well-intentioned projects fail sooner or later. People become despondent because they overlook important steps in building a community. We did research into the how and why and took a closer look at a number of examples from home and abroad. We incorporated all these recommendations into our methodology and added our own expertise in the field of storytelling.

Only sustainable communities bring about sustainable change .

bARK for Sustainable Change is a new methodology that uses the construction of a Yummy Jungle as an alibi for change.

Just like the birches and poplars, we are the pioneers preparing the field on which the real “edible” forest can continue to grow. We awaken and activate consciousness through our method and focus on that phase before the first domino has yet to fall. Because only when you are aware of the “why” and its necessity is one ready for change.

After that, it is important that you can take the next steps without fear and that you are allowed to experiment. Seeing how things can be done differently and failing should always be an option. Because, just like with an oyster, beautiful pearls arise from an injury. We do that by connecting people with each other and adding a ‘yummy jungle’ to it.

Trees De Bruyne

Do you also want to focus on sustainable change with your company, school, company, neighborhood or city?
We are happy to guide you through this process.

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