In the Netherlands, some 40% want to work in a more natural environment.

Over 40% of the working population would prefer to do their work in a more natural environment, and if it were up to two out of three workers, they would go into nature for relaxation immediately after work. One in three working people – without location-based work – also find it enjoyable to combine work and vacation. These are the conclusions of recent research commissioned by Marketing Drenthe among some 1,100 Dutch people. Says the independent editorial newspaper in the Netherlands

Early this year Marketing Drenthe published – together with, among others, the Province of Drenthe – the ‘ Perspective on Destination Drenthe 2030′. . This explains, among other things, how recreation and tourism increase the attractiveness of Drenthe as a province for living, staying and recreation. By means of research Marketing Drenthe gauges the wishes and needs of Drenthe citizens and non-Drenthe citizens with regard to these aspects.

Emergence of the workation
During the corona crisis, some 50% of Dutch people saw the line between living, working and recreation blurred. Of the working Dutch who can do their work from home, 64% think the three components will increasingly merge into one another in the future.
Astrid Crum, director of Marketing Drenthe: “It is a trend that we also mention in the Perspective. We have had many visitors to Drenthe in the past year and a half who combined work and vacation. As many as 43% of working people have come to the conclusion that working in an environment with more nature is still preferred.
And that is perfectly possible here.” Marketing Drenthe’s research seems to confirm that the workstation is becoming increasingly popular. For example, one-third of respondents with non-location-based work enjoy being able to flip open their laptops during the vacation when needed.

How can you as a company commit to more nature?
Green and nature become important and we can only welcome that. We believe that ‘Corperate gardening’ can contribute to that. In Utah, they even went a step further and created a real “corporate garden” that also supplies the company kitchen with the necessary ingredients. Matching the useful with the pleasant.
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