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Did you know that if the daily routine such as a cup of coffee or tea in the morning at breakfast is disturbed by 5 minutes it causes a lot of stress for most people. Can you imagine when we need to drastically get rid of some habits or thinking patterns.

As a company, you have grand plans to meet your CSR goals. But how are you going to ensure that this becomes a “New Way of Working” and we call it “New Way of Thinking.

Research taught us that only when you really have a connection with nature are you as a human being also able to actively take care of that nature. Only when people are truly imbued with the need for change and especially when they experience that change is meaningful for them and their families can you speak of “Sustainable” change.

Therefore, we developed our own methodology based on systemic thinking, the ADKAR model and the power of ‘Nature Connectedness’. In our Sustainable by Design workshop, you will learn how to make sustainability a regular part of daily operations in a playful manner. We ensure that everyone is given the key to contribute to successful change.
Together, we create a better world where “People, planet & profit” go hand in hand.


In 2 times 2h30 we take you and your colleagues into the world of the future to land back in the now. We teach you to look at things differently in a playful way. At the end of these sessions, you will have an “action plan” that you can roll out quickly, and long-term goals will also be more clearly articulated.

These workshops are an ideal start for management or team to define your mission, vision and strategy for a sustainable future. Thanks to our methodology, this becomes a ‘New way of thinking’ and a part of your daily operation.

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