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Workshops at the Thor Park in Genk

Thor Park organizes i.c.w. Stiemerhub Genk and three sessions on ‘Sustainable Change’. Today, sustainable change is crucial. Both for the challenges facing our planet, and the challenges at play in our minds as human beings. Speaker on duty is Trees De Bruyne of As a “deep-tech” startup coach, she focuses on innovative startups and their mental well-being. It is these companies, focused on inventing and commercializing technological solutions to the world’s complex scientific or engineering issues, that benefit from resilient, mental well-being. “Improve the world, start with yourself.”

  1. Stress detox for C-level: A nature boost for your company
  2. Sustainable by Design: let’s think planet first >>
  3. Sandboxing to accelerate change: stop talking, start walking >>


Stress detox for C-level

A nature boost for your company

You are a purebred entrepreneur and your business comes first. Being busy is the most normal thing in the world for you. The bar is high and you expect the same from your employees. You keep going, even when you don’t feel tipsy. You just take stress with it, because that’s part of being an entrepreneur. At home, work continues to call, even at the expense of your family and friends.

Recognizable? Then mental well-being is very unlikely to be at the forefront.

Also, why is your mental well-being so important to the success of your business?
As an entrepreneur, what does “always on” do to you?
How can nature play a role in finding that mental peace as an entrepreneur?

This workshop consists of two parts:

Living: In the first part, you’ll get more insights into how the human brain works and why we look at things just a little differently as entrepreneurs. When is stress a problem? How can you reconnect? In that busy existence, why is it important to still dwell on things to boost your business? How is your mental well-being? What can nature connection do for you but also for your employees. Why is this nature so important. How might you apply that connection to nature in your daily ways?

Lab: In the second part, we will reflect in small groups on what you have been given. What are you running into yourself? How do you think you can apply the knowledge gained to your own situation. What will be your own plan of action? How will you measure your success? How will your environment notice that you want to “do it” differently.

At the end of the workshop, you will have inspiration to find more “peace” in your entrepreneurship yourself. The goal is that you also get to know each other better as an “entrepreneurial group” and continue to inspire each other even after the workshop.

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