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Workshops at the Thor Park in Genk

Thor Park organizes i.c.w. Stiemerhub Genk and three sessions on ‘Sustainable Change’. Today, sustainable change is crucial. Both for the challenges facing our planet, and the challenges at play in our minds as human beings. Speaker on duty is Trees De Bruyne of As a “deep-tech” startup coach, she focuses on innovative startups and their mental well-being. It is these companies, focused on inventing and commercializing technological solutions to the world’s complex scientific or engineering issues, that benefit from resilient, mental well-being. “Improve the world, start with yourself.”

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Sustainable by Design

Let’s think planet first

We are born and we are given our place here on mother earth on loan for only a short time. It is our business, like a “good family man,” to leave that borrowed place better than we got it. With the “Sustainable by Design” methodology, we use systemic thinking to give nature a voice. When you do that in your business – in addition to classic “customer centric” thinking – you make more sustainable choices. By the way, did you know that for many customers, sustainability is becoming increasingly important. Sustainability is also increasingly playing a role when choosing a new employer. But how do you land “Sustainable by Design” with your colleagues or your manager?

This workshop consists of two parts:

Living: The first part will give you more insights into why we all need to learn to work, live and live differently. What is “circular business” and why does it benefit not only the planet but also your own job? How to avoid ‘eco-anxiety’ and ‘sustainable’ choice stress. What is “systemic thinking” and how to take your own first “Sustainable by Design” steps. What use cases have other companies tried?

Lab: In the second part, we will brainstorm in smaller groups. How can you apply the knowledge gained to your own situation. What could you do at Thor Park to make those actions tangible. How to visualize that. How will you measure success? How will your environment notice that you want to “do it” differently.

At the end of the workshop, you will have inspiration to get actively involved yourself. The goal is also for you as Thor Park residents to also get to know each other better and continue to inspire each other with “Sustainable by Design” ideas even after the workshop.

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