Masterclass Dr. Gilman. Everything you ever wanted to know about trees and tree roots pruning, care, growing,…

Ok it is in English and of course you can also go to Inverde or sometimes I secretly go to Wim Peeters our own tree guru who is coming up with a book in April. We are already looking forward to that. But this prof promised when he retired that he would share all knowledge online. Of course, we’d love to do the same with you.

But Ed Gilman is sometimes called the rock star of the tree world. Or he can also be characterized as a Lorax.

Indeed, the world-renowned University of Florida professor speaks for trees with clarity and conviction that come from decades of experience studying, caring for and writing about trees. But is best known for his scientific experiments as an environmental scientist, nursery owner and certified arborist.

“As a mentor, Ed imparted much of my knowledge of tree science to me,” he said.
“Ed is an aggressive researcher who has significantly increased the understanding of how urban trees function and what we can do to extend their lives and keep them healthy. He has published several acclaimed tree books and hundreds of fact sheets and literally lectures tree science around the world.”

“My message is simple, and I believe people are smart,” said Gilman, who earned his doctorate from Rutgers. “I take a biological approach: what the tree does inside in response to what happens outside.”

Topics he likes to cover.

  • Tree biology, with dissection of live tree samples to learn what happens in trees.
    • How trees respond to injury.
    • Problems with city trees.
    • Tree structure from roots to crown.
    • Types of pruning: removing branches and stems.
    • Effects of pruning on tree survival in storms.

    He is also a popular author of several books.
    I would say. Take advantage of it.

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