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Code Red for the climate…

The Dutch program Code Red explains in detail what impact climate changes already have today. Straightforward and ‘in your face’ with a touch of humor. It is not about a distant future but about the now. It was a wake-up call for me. The Netherlands is of course always a pioneer in terms of nature and climate. Because with them the water is literally on their lips. But be sure to watch.

Only four potato varieties survive. Outdoor cultivation is no longer yielding anything.

The farmer

When it drips in the Netherlands …

The Saltfarm foundation a Dutch organization has developed a method together with Saline-Farming to counteract the effects of salinization. Salt Farm Foundation continues its efforts to help farmers in the Netherlands to cope with salinization.

The Netherlands has been struggling with salinization for some time, but climate change is accelerating this process. Scientific publications predict a rise in sea levels, this will also increase the land area in our country that is affected by salinization.

Farmers will notice a lot of this, and agricultural productivity in the Netherlands will be negatively affected. Farmers in areas such as the Haarlemmermeerpolder are already struggling with this, their income fell 30 to 60 percent in 2018.

Marc van Rijsselberghe is a researcher and has the solution. He is enthusiastic because he has found some crops that would last. But why am I not happy with that thought?

If we pretend it isn’t there, it isn’t. The Emperor’s New Clothes.

In Belgium, it is fairly windless. I like some reports of Topsoil dating from 2017 but the project will be completed at the end of this year. So I think it will certainly be continued. Perhaps the problem is less serious for us. Now I think that the mole is not really happy with those dry summers anyway.
But who am I. Now honestly takes the longest. Topsoil also admits that more research is needed. Eureka, I’m not alone.

But someone once said. A forewarned man (or woman) is worth two. It seems smarter to me not to supervise and wait until our ‘euro’ falls here in Belgium. That’s why I and a number of other people got into action.

Do we want to know how we are going to approach it?
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