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There is no plan B

Because of Covid-19, climate change is getting snowed under. Although snow is long gone in many places. It got me thinking. I faithfully wear my mouth mask, disinfect my hands in time and place, and stay indoors as much as possible. Risk cases in the family and common sense…. For the rest, we have little in hand.

But does that fly when it comes to climate? What have I undertaken myself so far? Can’t we do more here?

By the way, my garden is what you might call a piece of greenery that I don’t have too many worries about. The wild grass is allowed to run its course. The two beeches are my rock. The old yew has grown into a tree about 5 meters tall. Some old deen are on their way out. Some birches that were already of a stately age in the 1970s when the house was built are keeping it from being beaten. Those three dead birches with mushrooms got me thinking. I have a total of 20 acres of green space at my disposal and in my opinion it could be put to better use.

Being able to get your own food from your garden has been my train of thought for some time. In times of war…

Robert Hart is the man who inspired me. This pioneer not only wanted to care for his disabled brother but also sought a solution to the food problem. His vision rested primarily on the work of Ghandi, whom he had studied extensively through his work as a journalist at Reuters. But the pacifist Toyohiko Kagawa was also his source of inspiration. The choice of his plants and trees was not only functional but also had tremendous spiritual significance.

My interest was piqued and in the meantime I devour all the info there is to read. There is so much but in the end you can read what you want. Sometimes you just have to get down to it. That’s what we want to do with

Will you join us?

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