Master class: Strong seedlings through strong seed.

We sometimes take it too lightly. We buy seed and the word organic is enough. But your seed is your most precious commodity. By the way, you can say the same thing about buying plants.
For example, did you know that mother plants grown for seed sometimes only show their true appearance after 3 generations. If these were treated with plant protection products then only 3 generations later the effects are visible. So it’s important to think about it more.

Strong seedlings by strong seed that you germinate the right way. Experimenting with sand.

You can also prep seed. In New Zealand, Fred Fields did an experiment with seeds from Eucalyptis trees. He showed seeds of trees raised in sand and then planted out as seedlings were nearly twice the size of their brothers after 17 years. We sometimes make it too easy for our seeds by letting them grow up in “rich” soil. Those plants don’t have all the tools to stand on their own feet once planted out. Think of it as a swiss army knife. You take only the tools you need…. You can’t buy additional tools afterwards. So the more effort you have to put in, the more tools you’ll have with you to make it later. An interesting train of thought. In any case, it got me thinking. Do we dwell enough on our “seed” and how we let it grow up.
I am already experimenting with it.

Edmond Frost also has a heart for restoring “seed goods” to their former glory. Take advantage of it and those who find the webinar a bit slow :). I set the speed at 1.75.

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