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We win the Local Hero of the year award

💚Who was crowned “Local Hero” at this year’s Edible Cities Network Awards?

🎊Today we are proud to announce that the winner of this very special prize is Trees De Bruyne me her project in the city of Aalst in Belgium!

🌿Inspired to reconnect with nature and make a sustainable change, Trees de Bruyne set up a crowdfunding campaign in 2022 and raised nearly 10,000 euros for her project. She founded the NGO “bark.today” in Belgium in early 2022, and has led the project ever since, helping to plant and grow a thriving food forest in the city center in which more than 330 local residents participated.

🏞️’Nature-connectedness’ drives the project, which includes mindfulness, storytelling, creative endeavors and #natureeducation in the food forest, creating new connections and long-term knowledge about urban food in the city of Aalst.

💐Congratulations to Trees De Bruyne on your win and all your great work! We look forward to meeting you at the Edible Cities Network Conference in Barcelona in March and learning more about your initiative.

Stay tuned for more announcements of exciting projects and initiatives that are strengthening urban food systems and making our cities better places to live! Learn more about the Edible Cities Network Conference and how to attend (there are still some early bird tickets available!) by clicking this link: https://lnkd.in/d5HU4Sqt.

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