The Food Forest in Heverlee will be named “Food Forest of Hope.

Erik Vanleeuw is co-initiator of this project of which Vzw Spes-forum is the initiator and inspirer. Thanks to Congregation of Sisters Annuntiates of Heverlee, WZC Annuntiates Heverlee – Sociopolis and De Wissel vzw, a new “edible place” is arriving on the H-Hart campus in Heverlee.

Trees De Bruyne, together with Jan Vannoppen from Velt vzw, is taking on the realization of the food forest. She describes this project on the grounds of WZC Annuntiaten Heverlee as a “lasagna” of perennial tasty trees, shrubs, bushes brimming with berries, nuts, apples, pears, cherries, medlars, and so on.

Erik likes to add to it. Like the first planting day, the second planting day was again a “lasagna” of neighbors, partners, sympathizers who again worked together so cleanly 🤝, laughed together, drank gluhwein and soup together and ate bokes and cake together.
A lasagna also of creativity and keitoffe ideas and of only happy moments. In short, such a “lasagna day” that you look back on afterwards with a filled heart.

Would you like to participate or follow this project further? Please email or send me a DM.

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