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Many companies talk about “Corporate Responsibility” and CO2 neutral business practices. Super.

Wild plans emerge, audits are done and it all looks great on paper. But how do you take your organization along in that new way of thinking? How can you start taking action today? How will you measure success?

We make it easy for you. Do you recognize yourself in this?

  • At the time, the office building was planted by a ‘fancy’ architectural firm and the landscaper or contractor did their thing. Usually with large patches of grass or shrubs that have come mainly because they are easy to maintain. Het ziet er vooral mooi uit maar wordt vooral niet benut.
  • Are you worried about how you’re gone rebuild your corporate identity post-corona? How will you rebuild your teams, how will you motivate them to come to the office? Get back in touch with the company.
  • You want to run a CO2 neutral operation, but how do you make that tangible and measurable? One of the requirements to motivate people to think and act differently. is possible thanks to a unique collaboration with Emax offering a 360 ° action plan so that you as a company can really do something.

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Let’s stop talking, let’s start walking.
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