CSR, an approach tailored to your company

We change the Social to Corporate ‘Social’ responsibility to ‘Sustainable’ because we believe that only sustainable change pays off. Do you recognize yourself in this?

Did you know…

  • About 50% of employees are considering changing jobs to work for a company that focuses more on sustainability? For young people it is itself a determining factor.
  • Recruiting and training a new employee costs money. Extra pay is rarely a reason to stay. Did you know that it can take up to 8 months for a new employee to be ‘up to speed’.
  • Did you know that a bad company culture can lead to a new employee leaving within 90 days. Do you know how to turn your employees into promoters of your company?
  • In the Netherlands, 43% of the working population wants to work in an environment with more nature. How will you introduce more nature into your company?
  • Corporate Social Responsibility is a nice concept. But how do you involve people in a sustainable change process?
  • Research has also shown that consumers also make conscious choices. About 28% think the way a company treats its staff is decisive. About 20% consider sustainability an important factor in purchasing. About 19% find building communities and connection important.

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Nature connection as a driver for change

We are fully committed to Nature Connection to reconnect people with nature and with each other.
Only if you have a connection with nature, you will actively take care of that nature. That connection is essential if you want to land all well-intentioned plans to focus on ‘Sustainability’ in a company. People must first understand why this is necessary? That step is usually skipped.
What’s more, for many people talking about sustainability is rather the cause of a lot of stress. Eco-anxiety is a new term used for this. People have the feeling that everything is a measure for nothing and that is paralyzing. We make sustainability fun. We remove the stress and provide the first dominoes needed to embed sustainable change within the company.

Our services:

Nature Connectiveness Wellbeing plan

We make a Nature Connectiveness Wellbeing plan tailored to your company. A step-by-step plan to reconnect with nature by activating our senses.

Nature connection nearby

Together we look at how we can integrate more ‘nature’ into our current way of working. By either redesigning the business premises or giving employees the opportunity to ‘experience nature’ together. We like to play with ‘edible’ greenery because it activates the senses.

Nature connection on the move

We have a lot of options for connecting to nature while moving. We have our own Smuljungle in Aalst, but also a very wide network of other food forests where we can organize team building events. Our goal is always to increase self-reliance and to encourage everyone to design their own piece of lawn differently.

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