What if you had a piece of garden in the office?

How do you go back to building communities post-covid and, as a company, focus on company culture?
Research has shown that a piece of ‘edible’ garden in the office works wonders.
It reduces stress and strengthens bonds with other colleagues and the company. Because now say for yourself.

Michel Reynolds has seen the trend blow for some time. The Bradford Group is an organization with a ‘workplace garden’. With bamboo, fig trees, waterfalls and natural light. Employees eat, take breaks and brainstorm in this peaceful place.

One day I had a dream …. Today it is a plan
We make it easy for you. We transform that patch of ‘dead’ lawn into a piece of biodiversity full of life. We create a food forest / food garden together with the employees and their families. This strengthens the bond between company and staff. It offers security and guidance. It share apartments (27%) is growing steadily. So not everyone is blessed with a garden.

Coming together around a nature project does not only offer advantages for the employees. is playing the role of CO2-neutral tasty garden. A garden that will really produce something tasty in the long run.

Our CO2 efforts are also measurable and tangible through a collaboration with Emaxgroup. You can therefore perfectly include all those efforts in your CO2 Neutral Plan 2030.

A sustainable beautiful project.

Let’s stop talking and start walking.

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