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Marieke Karssen decided in 2015 that her work should be about a healthier planet with healthier organisms. She started The Plant. A working professional network. Online and green pioneers are connected in this. Together they develop projects, knowledge, platforms and products that make the world greener and healthier.
At the moment they are doing a lot of research on the economic feasibility of food forests.

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You know we are big proponents of smart use of technology.

The project Measure your food forest harvest is a uniform and accessible way to measure the most important yields of food forests. It concerns biodiversity, CO2 storage, soil improvement and harvesting in the traditional sense of the word with herbs, fruits, nuts and any proceeds from excursions, etc.

The plant research
The plant research

In 2020, The Plant , Wageningen University & Research and Communicatiebureau de Lynx developed the online tool Meet your food forest harvest’ together with Foodforest Ketelbroek and the Welna estate. This allows food forest owners to measure and track the harvests of food forests themselves. Think of CO2 , biodiversity, the soil and of course the economic harvests. The tool is accessible free of charge, the measurements are very easy to do yourself, the method is scientifically substantiated and you can compare your forest with other food forests. Young food forests are already measurable./

The results can support funding applications and help food forest owners compare themselves with others to learn from each other.

More information can be found here.

Great initiative. Spread the word.

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