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The hidden life of trees

Peter Wholleben is a forester and now a manager of a forest academy and environmentally friendly forest. His scientific research revealed how living things communicate with each other and with their environment. What happens if these mechanisms fail.

How could it be otherwise that trees fascinate him? In ‘The Hidden Life of Trees’ he taught us to understand that we are not individuals but as human beings part of a large network. Trees are living beings that can count, feel, … they have a social network and communicate with each other. They are social creatures, with friends and relatives,…. Unsurprisingly, his research caused quite a stir.
But you can compare the underground network with the ‘world wide web’. It lights up in case of danger.
The roots of trees make noises at 220hz. If you want to hear what that sounds like.?

Then he looked at everything from the point of view of the animals. In ‘The Hidden Lives of Animals’ he discovers how we are part of an even bigger system. His latest book deals with the mysteries of nature and explores even larger systems and how natural landscapes play a role in them.

In one of his other book ‘The heartbeat of trees’ he goes one step further. About hugging trees and how trees are also stressed in these times.

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