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What if we first connect with nature before we start teaching?

Sometimes you get a tip and before you know it access to a lot of research and research about the effect of connecting with nature and the effect on their well-being.

It is amazing to see that how much and however long you spend in nature that only real connection with nature is valuable. You can learn all you want about nature, but without that connection it really doesn’t matter. Because if you want people to also take action and take care of nature, the connection is the decisive factor.

Other research has examined the impact of university environmental courses on students’ connection to nature. This study measured the impact of an introductory ecology course for non-science students delivered in two different ways. Part of the course was taught from a traditional environmental science perspective, with an emphasis on knowledge acquisition. The other part was given with an emphasis on awakening or transformation, celebrating connection and relationship.
The course content was the same in both sections, although the assignments were different, reflecting the difference in perspective. The impact on students’ connectedness after a third course, a traditional geography course, was also assessed. Only the course, which was delivered with a focus on one’s connection and relationship with nature, strengthened the students’ connection with nature. Knowledge alone is not enough.
It makes you think about how we do nature education in school?

Below you can see what has the most influence on our behavior. The bigger the circles, the more important. You can consider Pro-nature Conservation Behaviors as behavior in which we also actively work to protect nature. While Pro-environmental behavior means that we change our own behaviour. Start recycling, start living differently.

How can you connect with nature? That is standing still, looking at the beauty, feeling, touching, activating your senses. I call it slowing down. So on that next walk, think about how you can enjoy all that beauty even more and take a deep breath. Close those eyes and…..

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