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Wednesday craft day #014: DIY Father’s Day gift

Father’s Day is just around the corner, this Sunday to be exact! 😉 I help you prepare a simple but nice gift for your cool daddy. We decorate a photo frame with all kinds of stones. Which you can take with daddy cool during a nice walk in the woods! 😎

DIY starts from 2:29


  • photo frame
  • Stones for decoration
  • glue gun
  • Glass marker (pen for glasses)

How many stones you need depends from frame to frame. So be sure to find a nice photo frame first to make it look good. You choose whether you want to insert a photo or a suitable text. 📸 In the video above you can already see an example with a nice fitting text!


Make sure you work on a surface that can get dirty. Let’s get started!

  1. Take out the back and the glass
  2. Place all the stones around on the frame
    • Sort the stones how you want them and in what order so that they fit nicely
  3. Glue the stones with the glue gun
    • Press well
  4. Let the frame dry for a while
    • This way you avoid that the bottle could clog
  5. Sketch your message on an empty cardboard box
  6. Take the glass and copy your message with a Glass marker
  7. Now replace the glass and the back


You can watch all the steps in the video above.

Happy Father’s Day to all dear dads! ☀️

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