Nature connection has nothing to do with walking or staying in nature and even less to do with botany or biology. Nature connection has everything to do with reactivating our senses in nature.
In the past, children grew up playfully surrounded by nature. Kids could leave in the morning and spend hours building camps in nature, climbing trees, experimenting, and getting dirty. They learned to overcome their fears. Sometimes doing some stuff parents would never approve of was part of the learning curve.

That time has long since passed. Young people can be traced via their mobile phones. Public space is full of dangers. From traffic that is too busy, a forest that can only be entered via the usual paths. You might get fined for every wrong step.
Because I myself grew up in a family where my oldest sister, born before my time, was murdered, I have really seen that effect. Where are you going? When are you coming home… A mobile phone was not invented yet but my parents always knew where I was. Even then, we were still able to go out alone, albeit with three or four people, to sing Christmas Carols As long as we stayed together. I have therefore clearly noticed the difference between the pre-Dutroux era and the post-Dutroux era. Today even that is no longer possible. It is a guided walk with mom or dad who follow everything closely from a distance. Young people grow up in fear.

Is it any wonder that young people hide in that virtual world where everything is possible and allowed?

The big problem is that generations are growing up that have almost no connection with that nature. Research has shown that only this natural connection ensures that people take action. and actively take care of nature. Because whoever thought that he could exchange real nature for a virtual one is wrong. Researcher Peter Kahn has also extensively researched this. Read more about it here . The positive effect on human well-being in nature only applies in real life. No AR, VR experience can match that.

So it’s high time to take action and turn back the clock a bit.

That’s what we do. Our methodology could be compared to mindfulness in the forest and teaches young people and adults to reconnect with each other and with nature.

Ideally, a session lasts about 2 hours, but it can also be shorter. It can be near you or on location. One thing is certain. After such a session, you see the world around you through completely different glasses.

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