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Students of Lyceum in action

On Wednesday March 30, 2022 we received a high visit in our Smuljungle. We welcome our first group of students from the Lyceum. What a nice group. With great enthusiasm they get their first nature connection shower. Because it is not a real forest bath. We are doing a shortened version because there is a lot on the agenda.

Hibiscus tea, let it taste.

We get the site of Odisee Aalst, our neighbors on loan. But it is busier than we think. Above the noise of the construction works, the woodpecker tries to do his thing. The surveyors in the making are also in full swing. They look a bit surprised when they see us busy. Mindfulness in nature. Yet the students can hear nature through the noise. Birds continue to chirp merrily. You hear them near and far.
It’s great that they can experience a moment of zen in that ‘busyness’.

The hibiscus tea tastes and smells especially good. Soon the seedlings will come. They have to be potted so that we can sell them at our next growfunding campaign . Many thanks to Marcel De Sloovere for donating his precious Hibiscus seedlings. A very valuable gift if you know that they are sold in France for 30€ each.

The Smuljungle fans in action

While waiting for Marcel’s arrival, we will get to work on the site. Not the nicest job, but everyone helps without murmuring. Awesome. The Smuljungle has just been ‘levelled’ and therefore a perfect time to clear some exposed stones and waste from the site. Luc, who is responsible for the vegetable garden of the residential care center, also came and saw that it was all right. In the meantime, we also clear some branches from the private garden of the rest home residents. Then no one can stumble.


Meanwhile, each student writes 5 thank you cards. Everyone who buys a plant will receive a personal message. What a creativity and what a nice message. That’s nice.

The precious good has landed

At the last minute Marcel arrives numb on his bicycle with his precious hibiscus seedlings. You feel it affects everyone. They are two years old. The students eagerly store all information. Did you know that Hibiscus also produces edible flowers, which are ideal for making liqueur in addition to tea… How to plant seedlings. How those roots are fragile and need to be handled with care.

Marcel is proud that his seedlings are personalized. You feel that another special moment is in the making.
It’s amazing what such a Smuljungle does to people. But the seed has already been planted with these youngsters.
Thanks everyone.

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