Masterclass in Electroculture Yannick Van Doorne

This Belgian pioneer in Electroculture grew up in Geraardsbergen. Yannick Van Doorne trained as an Agricultural Engineer at the University of Ghent, and as an agronomist, he was looking for natural ways to make plants grow.

He started looking for ways to get smarter faster and discovered in a booklet from the former Eastern Bloc that music can slow down the “concept” of time. It intrigued him that if you could indeed “speed up” or “slow down” time through music this might be useful for stimulating plant growth.
When he suggested using this as a topic for his thesis, it was not an obvious one. The condition was that he find other similar scientific work. Thanks to the then-new Internet, he found one researcher in Canada. He bravely persevered, but to this day the topic remains highly controversial because it questions the foundations of our economic model. But in the meantime, the Chinese have already found their way to these techniques. In the end, he did not succeed in getting his ideas across. But it made him look further into other methods of using “energy” to make plants healthier and help them grow.

Nature today is depressed. The number of whistling birds has been reduced by 90%, and those sounds are needed to activate plants to grow. Magnetic pollution also causes weak and disease-prone plants. With as little as 6 minutes of music or birdsong a day, you can work miracles.

Yannick Van Doorne

Discover his master classes here. Highly recommended. You get to work yourself or take a look at his webshop.

The power of energy between heaven and earth

Introduction to Electroculture in Dutch
The power of music on plant growth

Electroculture master classes by Yannick Van Doorne

Lecture 1: Magnetic Antennas 
Lecture 2: Atmospheric antenna
Lecture 3: Paramagnetic Round Towers
Lecture 4 Basalt and Paramagnetism.
Lecture 5: Coils, Spirals & Copper Harmonizers
Lecture 6: Pyramids

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