Dr. Christine Jones’ key soil master class

It was a blessing for me to watch these 4 webinars. It also turns knowledge about soil and soil fertility on its head. So be prepared to scrutinize your knowledge and get started with these smart tips. Now it is incredibly important to be sure to look at recent studies in this area. Soil research is really still in its infancy, and new insights can turn old wisdom completely on its head.

Who is Dr. Christine Jones?

Dr. Christine Jones is an active participant and supporter of an Australian movement toward a Soil Carbon Accreditation Scheme. With numerous journals and publications on regenerative land management techniques, Christine has extensive knowledge regarding the treatment and maintenance of Australia’s lush and vast environmental resources. More reading material can be found here.

Christine holds a Bachelor of Science with First Class Honors from the University of New South Wales, Kensington, followed by a Doctorate of Philosophy from the University of New England, New South Wales, making her an expert in her teaching of air, land and water sciences. During and after completing her outstanding qualifications, Christine went on to teach and conduct research at the University of New South Wales, CSIRO Division of Textile Technology, the University of New England in agronomy, soil science and botany, as well as the New South Wales Department of Land and Water Conservation.

Christine addressed Amazing Carbon and Carbon for Life Incorporated, to publicize an efficient, effective and prosperous way for Australian farmers and citizens to eradicate massive greenhouse gas emissions and improve soil quality, creating an abundance of thriving raw materials for Australian produce.

Christine’s work as a soil ecologist and soil ecologist has promoted and enhanced Australia’s environmental capital and supported the advancement of studies on Australian soil, agriculture and carbon emissions. She is a fundamental asset to Australian land conservation and has been recognized for her work: in 2001 she received a Community Fellowship Award from Land and Water Australia, for her ongoing efforts within the community to better manage land, water and maintenance.

Green Cover

These webinars are an initiative of Green Cover. The brothers, Keith Berns and Brian Berns, started Green Cover in 2008 after experimenting with ground cover and studying water use on their farm in south central Nebraska. The 1500+ acre farm has been 100% continuous non-plowing for over 10 years and they have worked hard in recent years to continue the research and incorporate ground cover crops into their non-plowing system. After examining crop water use, crop nutrient content and the effect of crops on subsequent crops, their findings were both exciting and encouraging.
You can download their annual reference book packed with tips and advice here.

The story of Australian farmer Niels Olsen who hasn’t used metabolic substances for 20 years.

One of the examples from webinar 2

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