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Wednesday craft day #013: DIY photo hanger with wood

The terraces are open again after a long wait, yay! But now it’s coming back, so you can’t see some friends. Don’t worry, bring out those photos full of fun memories. Because in this DIY we bring your friends closer to you, from a distance! 🤩

In the video above you can watch the steps of a variant of this DIY. We do it as follows:


  • Piece of wood
  • Rope
  • Pair of scissors
  • glue gun
  • Pair of scissors
  • clothespins


  1. On one side of the wood, wrap the rope a few times and tie it tightly
  2. Depending on how low you want the pendant to hang, tie a loop at the top of the string
  3. Bring the rope to the other side of the wood and repeat step 1
  4. Cut the rope in several layers
    • Tie it at the top of the wood and let the excess rope hang
  5. Repeat step 4 until you are happy with the look
  6. Hang your photos with clothespins on the rope
    • Glue the clothespins to the rope
    • Spread them over all the ropes


PS : Depending on the length of your piece of wood and the height of your wall, you will have to estimate how many photos you use yourself! Using multiple pieces of wood is also an option! 📸

Soon you will be able to make fun new memories, enjoy these old ones for a while! ☀️

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