Recycled Island Foundation

In Rotterdam, “the recycled Island Foundation” took matters into their own hands and made this floating park with plastic waste. This foundation makes proposals on how to deal with plastic pollution and climate change.

They focus on prevention, awareness, education, recovery and reuse of marine litter. Their main projects at the moment are their litter traps, to collect waste from the sea, and the Recycled Park.

The litter traps and floating parks are made from recycled plastic. The litter traps collect plastic from rivers in several countries, just before it reaches the sea. The plastics are recycled to give the river a new value. We build floating platforms from the plastics for a new green environment; a floating park.

You can visit Recycled Park in Rotterdam. After this successful implementation, they want to conquer the rest of the world with this approach. We are also dreaming aloud of some space for a ‘Tiny Food Forest’.
More info via this link

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