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Wednesday craft day #010: Garden lights

The weather is quietly allowing for pleasant walks. Besides enjoying the sun, the air and a walk, you can turn your garden into a paradise. You can enjoy this crafting tip in both spring and autumn. Let’s light up the world!


  • come
  • brush
  • A glass jar
  • Glue
  • Dried leaves
  • Lights or a candle
  • Rope

Each leaf is unique, ergo originality is 100% guaranteed! 😉


  1. Remove the stem from the leaf
  2. Take your brush and spread the glue over the leaf
    • Do this for all the leaves
  3. Stick the leaves on the glass jar
  4. Put your candle or lights in the jar
    • If you use slightly, the pot is allowed
  5. Tie the rope around the neck of the jar
    • Make a nice button / loop


You can watch all the steps in the video above.

Bring on those fun summer nights! 🕯

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