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Wednesday craft day #007: Make a mandala!

Today we make a mandala out of everything we find in the garden or in the forest. A mandala is a plan, map, or geometric pattern that metaphysically or symbolically portrays the cosmos in Tibetan art.

What do you need?

Everything you can find in your garden, the park or a forest! These can be, for example, branches, leaves, stones or flowers.

How do you make a Mandala?

You put something on the table (or floor) that forms the center of your mandala.

Then you start to place other things around your center, as symmetrically as possible. Note: the end result should form a circle.
For example, you can choose to form a cross with 4 branches or pebbles and then make patterns in the space between the cross with the other things you found.

Don’t forget to take a picture of your Mandala and share it with us!
Do you need some inspiration? Be sure to watch this video or the photo gallery!

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