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Wednesday craft day #006: Pimp your lampshade!

Do you still have a working table lamp with a broken, worn or ugly lampshade? Do you know someone who gives one away? Or have you come across one in your local giveaway group on Facebook? Try upcycling it! Today we give old table lamps a new look with branches and twigs!


  • A working table lamp with a broken or worn lampshade
    Tip: if possible, a lampshade that consists of one piece. This will make everything a lot easier 😉
  • iron wire
  • Twigs or branches that have just fallen from a tree or that you prune from your own trees.
  • A cable pliers
  • Scissors (or knife)
  • Optional: a pair of pruners

Preparing work

  • Strip the fabric from your lampshade (use scissors or a knife for this).
  • Measure the height of your lampshade
  • Venture into the forest and look for young twigs or branches that are at least the length of your lampshade. They do not necessarily all have to be the same length, you can still trim everything during the finishing process. Just make sure they are about the same thickness.

Tip for a cozy industrial look: give the frame and your lamp stand a lick of paint with a spray can of bronze (or black) paint. You can also use sandpaper to give your stand a coarser structure.


  1. Take the lampshade and your first branch.
  2. Tie the branch with the cable wire to the frame of your lampshade. Make sure there is not too much slack so that the branches stay in place.
  3. Repeat step 2 until the entire lampshade is finished
  4. Optional: prune the branches to your own taste

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