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We came and saw that it was good. Folk games in the Sint-Job WZC

There are those moments that you know will stay with you forever. This was definitely one of them. Now a report would not be a report without our house photographer Paul or Pamajot for the friends. So Paul a big thank you again for the beautiful photos. But here it comes.

After some postponement due to an undisclosed virus, we finally had a date set. Friday, Aug. 26, 2022 in the afternoon, a number of Smuljungle fans were to help the Ergo team organize a folk games afternoon. WZC Sint-Job has its own collection of games but thanks to the people’s games we rented extra from the people’s games centre , we were able to treat them to new gaming fun. By the way, this is highly recommended for those looking for another fun family activity.

The past few days the mercury rose above 30 degrees but fortunately we were blessed with a nice breeze that day and it was pleasant for the residents to spend time outside.
In addition to a number of regular Smuljungle fans who were able to make themselves available during the week, it was nice to welcome a number of new volunteers. For example, there was Stephanie who was eager to practice her Dutch or Dany who I had taken in tow and wasn’t quite sure where she would end up. But we didn’t have much time to really get acquainted because we shot straight into action.

Let the games begin.

It was admirable to see Shauni and the rest of the ergo team trotting on and off to give everyone a chance to participate. That pedometer was guaranteed to be in the red. Without volunteers, they cannot set up these kinds of activities. After covid they said it has become difficult to find volunteers anymore. This is thought-provoking.
It was also especially nice to see how young and old are driven to win or score high tops anyway. Age certainly does not play any role there. In all honesty, therefore, I have to say that I have regularly lost out. But apparently I was not alone.

After an afternoon of playing, we had another drink with the Smuljungle fans in the cafeteria to catch up. Everyone appeared to have their own story but more importantly had a real connection with the residents. It had also been confronting at times. A story of much laughter together but also a tear here and there as memories of the past came to the surface.
How some residents missed their children who no longer came to visit. But two old people had met in the residential care center and then made friends with each other. A friendship for life.
Or how two residents who did not know each other had spent an entire afternoon playing together. They each lived on a different floor. Of course they played to win and our youngest volunteer Jonas was their personal assistant. How wonderful it would be if they too could make a friendship for life.

In any case, it was clear that not only the residents had enjoyed a pleasant afternoon. We all enjoyed it equally. With a wonderfully satisfied feeling, we returned home. The residents to their floor.

As far as we are concerned, this is definitely worth repeating. On September 21, WZC is hosting a walk for residents. Those who are eager to spend a meaningful afternoon. We can only recommend it.

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