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You were great. The 1st Info Session Smuljungle Aalst

This was one of those moments when you even feel the energy flowing through the digital highway.
The ingredients were great guests and a super nice audience with a lot of desire to give it a lap.
I remember that we bring the bees people together. The troubadours are already eager to experiment in our Smuljungle. There are experts who are walking tree encyclopedias and love peaches. There is a tree shelter in Nazareth. That dads with children are also eager to participate.
That we will make contact with the library so that food forest books can also be found there. And that there might be expads who find their way to Aalst. It was beautiful and this is just the beginning.

Watch the info session here if you missed it. People spread the news.
By the way, the cafes in question are tables where you can just sit down to chat.

In any case, there will be people we have to involve that we have forgotten. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with them. We are open to everyone. Let us know why you’d like to participate but you don’t think you can.
There are no problems, only solutions.

Are you eager to participate?

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