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Will Sint-Job become the tastiest green spot in Aalst?

Yummy jungle, here we come.

Food forests, food gardens, you have them in all scents and colors. We call it a yummy jungle or as Bart Backaert translated it into Oalster a Smuljungle .

Aalst is blessed with many nice green areas where there are already plenty of experiments with edible trees and shrubs. Did you know, for example, that the Yellow Kornoelje in the Shelfhout domain is on the heritage list and that you can make delicious jam from it. That the Schaarbeekse Kriekenboom is one of the last remaining of its kind and that brewery De Block from Dendermonde wants to breathe new life into this variety. It will only make your mouth water and especially get you craving for more tasty stories.

This time we get the chance to start from a blank sheet and create and tell our own stories by turning a new patch of green into an edible park. Place to be will be the vacant lot where the Sint-Job rest home used to be.

How it started.

Trees De Bruyne founded to make it easier for people to start a food garden or forest. That is an alibi to bring people together and get back in touch with nature. Anyone who knows Bart a little knows that as head of the landscaping department of Aalst, he is not only an ecological pioneer and a great storyteller, but above all he also has the gift of connecting people. In the meantime, we are working with a number of local organizations and hopefully also with you to make Sint-Job the tastiest green place in Aalst.

I went to visit Bart Backaert and his enthusiasm was contagious. We were still looking for a place to settle down with a Pop-up food forest.’ says Trees De Bruyne. ‘Not a Pop-up for me but immediately for real’ Bart said. In the meantime, we have a place in Mechelen with our Pop-up and ‘for real’ a place in Aalst.

Do you want to think about what we put on the menu?

Together with the neighborhood and local associations, we want to think about how we can make this the best place in Aalst. Forge the plans and then execute them. Maybe it can inspire you to turn your own patch of lawn into a Smoel Jungle. Or maybe you just want to help with the construction and then enjoy and taste the fruits of all that beautiful work. Then you are of course always welcome.

With two you know more than alone.

We never get too old to learn from each other. We see this as an ideal way to get to know each other better, to exchange knowledge, to share recipes or even more fun to exchange seeds and cuttings or to do nothing at all and just enjoy on a bench. We are happy to light the fuse, but after that the green space becomes for, with and from you.

This is what the place looked like on December 14, 2021

Who, what where and when?

Now we are not going to start immediately because the seed has only just been planted. Sign up for this newsletter, which is only about activities in Aalst, and we will keep you informed.

Schrijf je in.

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Even geduld.

Bedankt voor jouw interesse. Tot gauw.

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See you soon.

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