Discover the magical world of Pollinator Park

Do you remember a time when the sky was filled with birds and bees, and colorful fruit grew on the trees? Has that world completely disappeared, or did you simply not notice the change? Do not worry, a virtual visit to the educational Pollinator Park will make you realize that you can no longer condone that change.

Pollinator Park is an EU initiative that was launched very recently. It was designed in collaboration with the world famous Belgian archibiotect, Vincent Callebaut . The Pollinator Park aims to make both young and old aware of the decline of pollinators in the world and to mobilize them worldwide to tackle this. People must help prevent this future reality. The first step to avoid this is through reading and learning about the wildlife and pollination crises, and that’s where Pollinator Park comes in handy.

The Pollinator Park of Dr. Beatrice Kukac teaches you about the possible dystopian future of Europe in the year 2050. The park itself is a safe place for pollinators and a eye-opening experience for visitors. There they can try out pollination for themselves, go shopping in a world without pollinators, rediscover the beauty and perfection of nature and discover how to protect the last remaining pollinators.

This is all done through a virtual interactive tour, suitable for all ages and completely free. You will be given the choice to order this through your web browser or to go a step deeper by viewing the tour by one VR glasses . That is of course the best way to experience this breathtaking simulation.

Below you can already see the trailer of the innovative project.

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