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Province of Flemish Brabant subsidizes ‘Nature at school

The Province of Flemish Brabant can provide you with subsidies if you make a commitment to nature as a school. That makes you think, doesn’t it?

The grant will not exceed 80% of the actual cost of the project.
is limited to €10,000 per school or establishment per year (with a minimum of €500).
The project must add value in terms of biodiversity and education.

For example, we ask that your project provide clear added value to our coworking neighbors. These are plants and animals that, due to the dense population and fragmentation of nature in our regions, do not have it easy. See which coworking neighbors your community cherishes.

You can find all the conditions in the grant regulations.

Important! The province attaches great importance to the accessibility of the initiative to persons with disabilities. Be sure to take that into account in your nature project as well. So a good reason to invest in our educational toolbox where we want to connect young people back to nature under the guise of ‘Train the trainer’.

Has your interest been piqued? If so, please contact us.
Together we will look at how to turn a piece of lawn or paving into a Smuljungle. helps you with the grant application and all other regulations.
Especially our new ‘Train the Trainer’ program where we focus on Geoculture and ‘sustainable by design’ teaches everyone to get back in touch with nature. With our educational toolbox we will help you on your way to also set up a mini food forest or Smuljungle as we like to call it in your school. Will you join us?


First, report your nature project at least 4 months prior to submitting your case using the online report form. An MOS supervisor will help you further create your application file.

Submit your complete application package (preferably digitally) during 1 of the 2 submission periods:

Between January 1 and February 1

Between September 1 and October 1

Attach the application document completed from Part 2, found at the bottom of this page, to your online application. If you are sending your application by mail, please fill out the application document completely.

Nature at school: inspiration guide for green playgrounds

  • In this inspiration guide you will find numerous great examples of enthusiastic schools that, with or without subsidies, have greened their school grounds.
  • Are covered: kindergarten, elementary school, method school, secondary school, special secondary school.

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