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Here are some video tips to make some time between Christmas and New Years.

The biggest Little Farm backstage

Not only is the film an absolute must. But this videocast tells all about what really happened.
You can buy or rent the film here.

Trees will save our planet

Will trees save our planet? Trees and forests make the earth and the climate liveable and stimulate biodiversity. Yet we continue to cut trees on a large scale: last year twelve million hectares of forest disappeared. How do we deal with our ancient trees, and what else can we do?

Pulitzer Prize winner and bestselling author Annie Proulx wrote “Barskins,” a monumental novel about the deforestation of North America in which settlers rush across the continent in a boundless hunger for more wood and money.

Finding the mother trees

Both the book and her webinars are certainly to be sniffed at. But ‘looking for the mother tree’ has long been number one in our top 10. We’ll let you see for yourself and from now on you’ll never look at all those seedlings the same way you see in the forest. You are now looking for the mother tree that feeds them.

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