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We proudly present…

The newest logo of Smuljungle Aalst is a fact. Thanks to our designer Luc Adriaens. Do you see the similarities?

Logo Bark & Aalst

Of course we hope that sooner or later we can add a few more Cities to our collection.
But we are eager to build our first Smuljungle Aalst community. Many thanks to Bart Backaert and team and the City of Aalst of course for this unique opportunity.

By the way, credit where credit is due, the name Smuljungle was invented by Bart Backaert. He has been head of the landscaping department of Aalst for more than 20 years and an ecological pioneer. By the way, did you know that Aalst is definitely a prime example from an ecological point of view. Many cities from home and abroad regularly visit to see how it’s done. Something that you as an ‘oilsjteneer’ can rightly be very proud of. That is why we consider it an honor to be able to settle there. But alone is only natural. Without you it will be nothing.

Do you know people from Aalst who might want to participate or are you in the mood? Follow our adventures closely.
Then join our facebook group Smuljungle Aalst via this link and help spread the word.

By the way, we will soon organize an information session and we will go to information buses in the area on February 22. Welcome.

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