Smulungle Aalst News

Planting days December 17 & 18 postponed for a while. We will soon be making history.

With your support and thanks to the support of the Cera, we are all set for the bigger work. Our Smuljungle in Aalst is taking shape. We plant a bevy of fruit trees from the top best. From tall-stemmed pear trees, apple trees, cherries, peaches, plums, nutlars,… to all possible varieties in half-standard.

Meanwhile, the first “posts” have been set out. That way you can already see what it’s going to be. You immediately feel the magic coming. The poles with a top of color become the high stakes.

Help from Inverde Corner

We are clapping our hands because Inverde is the market leader in Flanders in the field of training in forest, green and nature management. A bevy of aspiring arborists join us to do the first planting. If you are curious, you can find the complete training offer of Inverde here.

The terrain is definitely a challenge so we are equally curious to see how easy or difficult it will be. Meanwhile, we steal with our eyes and then it’s up to us. We are also looking for some additional help. Do you feel like helping out? Thanks in advance for taking a moment to fill out the form that will help us organize. If you can’t come to help then definitely just jump in. You can always do that, of course. But please do write your sentence so we can get you all the info.


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