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Our tasting jungle sets off the year in all its glory.

Ok, the first seeds for the Smuljungle were already planted on September 10, 2022. With the arrival of some 52 meters of leifruit and with thanks a bevy of willers from the Cera, it was clear. The Smuljungle was/is a reality. Those little trees are doing well.
Meanwhile, we have reached the next phase and some 61 fruit trees have been given new homes. It took a while for the freezing temperatures to subside and some shuffling of dates.

But thanks to the help of the professionals from the city of Aalst’s green services department, the precious commodity has officially found its place. That land is not your average land because a retirement home used to stand on this property. The soil is really too saturated here and there and some creativity, experience and expertise was needed. Fortunately, there we have the masonry eye of Bart Backaert. But thanks to all that expertise, we are giving these little trees the best chance to survive.

Meanwhile, our Smuljungle fans have already reached out as well. For the New Year drink degenerated into a “hands off” event. There were so many new and old acquaintances, delightful it was. It was a bit of an overwhelm at times.
So we are thinking aloud about a “newcomer day” and a new neighborhood info moment to reiterate our story to all those who joined later.

In any case, it will be a promising year and we are giving it a patch. In any case, we wish everyone good health for 2023 and ‘beyond’ and above all, many Smuljungle fun wishes. Meanwhile, enjoy this photo collage courtesy of Paul (Pamajot) our resident photographer.

2023 The best is yet to come.

Want to participate? Through our Whatsap group we share all the practical info or follow us on facebook. Don’t you have those tools? Then text 0496 52 12 08 or ge

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