The most beautiful dreams …

Do you have a piece of land. A business site or piece of green space at school that you want to transform. Then you’ve come to the right place. We can assist you to actually realize your plans.

It’s great to dream of a food forest but unfortunately, all too often we hear that dream has become a true nightmare.

In fact, there are quite a few ground rules if you want to start a food forest. Don’t think you can just do whatever you want on any property. A site that looks like forest is considered forest.
Then you need a logging permit and usually you have to plant back a forest. Your choice of fruit trees is then very limited. So ponder before you begin is the message to avoid a legal nightmare .
If you want to discover if your idea is feasible/profitable then a feasibility study is appropriate. Do you need help with that?

Want to create a food forest with a group of people? Or do you want to start a project as a company, municipality or school? Then we can help you with that, too. Even then, you usually start looking for a good success formula to make your plan succeed.

A first step may be to simply seek some advice already. If you still want personal guidance afterwards, we will be happy to provide a customized quote.

We are a nonprofit organization. All proceeds go toward the construction of our own Smuljungle operation in which we want to focus on nature education and connection.

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