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Regional Landscapes

The Regional Landscapes work in close partnership with the 5 provinces: Antwerp , Limburg , East Flanders , Flemish Brabant and West Flanders . On the basis of this structural collaboration, nature and landscape are strengthened in all affiliated municipalities.

They help, for example, cities and the municipality through a Loket Maintenance Buitengebied (LB0) with the care of small landscape elements (KLEs) such as pools, trees (rows) and wooded edges.
small historical heritage (KHE) such as chapels, cemetery walls or memorials
recreational infrastructure (RRI) such as walking paths, slow roads and information boards
KLEs can be found all over the landscape. They are often hidden, resulting in overdue management. The LOB neatly charts all KLEs and provides knowledge and resources for systematic maintenance in the future.

But I also know private individuals who have received support through this route to obtain a permit for their project.
It is best to choose the organization closest to you on the map. Their mission is to keep the local ‘landscapes’ intact and to restore them as much as possible.

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