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A rollercoaster but it still feels good.

Anyone who knows me a little knows that I always need to have a good reason to embark on a new adventure. I call it ‘meaningfull jobseeking’ myself and i need to realize that what I do is valuable and yet has a certain social relevance. That has already brought me to many places where I would otherwise never go. Because there is always a good reason why. Even if I’m the onlyone who sees that.
If you read my resume you do indeed have the feeling that you are on a rollercoaster. So many different things whitout any ‘file rouge’ if you look at it from an outsiders point of view. For a long time I called myself slasher (//////) and then listed all the job titles I ever had to give some explanation. It made things even more complicated. Too complex for anyone to understand. When someone asked me what I was doing, I always said, “I’m transplanting people.” By inspiring them, connecting them and giving them insights so that they become better entrepreneurs. Because I think that working on yourself is also a real undertaking. You need to treat your own identity as if it is a small business unite that needs to be in a good mental health, nurtured, trained to grow and florish. If you let let that take its course, it is guaranteed to go wrong. So small talk to me usually doesn’t really exist.
Since I launched bARK.today I don’t mind about the labels anymore. I’ve abandoned the shlasher thing because in the end it doesn’t matter what you’ve done. It is all about skills and a clear mission that brings value to people and the planet. So I reduced it to “Rebel with a Cause” and I’m doing things even more than berfore in my unconventional way. Some might call it ‘old age’.

With bARK.today we enable everyone to reduce their ecological footprint by turning gardens into a wonderfully CO2-neutral piece of land. Our methodology is based on the principles of ‘Robert Hart’, the pioneer of food forests. But we make it easy and simple for everyone and start small. With our ‘Tiny Food Forest’ step by step plan we promise you that once you get hooked… there is no way back. Our drive is to create ‘Sustainable team building’ hotspots to reconnect people and nature. By doing this, we build sustainable communities, sustainable outdoor spaces and turn this world into a more biodiverse society.

In our wake, we also provide insights into other new technologies that support this philosophy. Because science, technology and nature can go hand in hand. In this way we give everyone, from garden and non-garden owners, companies, corporates, governments,… the chance to really ‘do’ something.

Invited by Harley Lovegrove from ‘ The Bayard Partnerships’ I was invited to do a podcast to talk about ‘diversity’. I got to know Nico De Cleer from that Passwerk / TR PLUS . They guide people with autism spectrum disorder in the workplace. Let that be one of my hobby horses because I know that these are very talented people who unfortunately do not often find a job. But also Wivina Briers from X Squared was one of the speakers. You will get great insights about ‘Gender equality’ and how women really make a difference in the workplace if they are already heard or seen. Time was too short. That was clear. But in the meantime plans have been made. There will certainly be a sequel to our story and we will certainly keep you informed. In the meantime, you can already enjoy the first webinar of bARK.today.

CO2NEUTRAL @ WORK has taken place on April 28, 2021 and do exactly what it says it’s going to do. Inspiring with sustainable solutions to live, work, live or do business together Sustainable by Design. Welcome.

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