World Wide Waste – Gerry Mc Govern

This was one of those days where you feel it all comes together. I wanted to build some awareness with my colleagues at work who all are into new technology at VRT the Flemish Public Broadcaster. Now for me seems natural that we have a duty towards the public to think sustainable. But some talks with CTO’s and other Tekkies opend my eyes. They think because you can buy ‘green’ energy it is a done deal.
So I started posting some suggestions on … Slack and I have to say that I do have a love and hate relationship with that channel. It sometimes feels like a lot of …. waste. Not this time. One of my colleagues pointed me in the right direction.
He suggested to take a look at the World Wide Waste.
What an eye opener.

Why does weight matter? Because weight creates waste, weight creates pollution.

We absolutely need a sustainability design revolution. But how can designers with unsustainable habits and work practices help create a sustainable world with sustainable products and services? When so much about digital design culture is contemptuous of true sustainability, durability, maintainability, how can that work? When designers throw resources at everything, whether it’s computing or storage resources, how can they create sustainable designs?

This should actually be a part of every schools curriculum as it just shows that we don’t know a thing when it comes to our digital ecological footprint. It is time to change that.

Gerry Mc Govern

Join Gerry on his next World Wide Waste talk on the 28th of April in the evening.


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