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Will you be our first Tiny Food Forest school in Belgium?

They started working in the Netherlands two years ago. They thought it was important to learn where the food came from.

We link it to a fun educational project.

We call it our living encyclopedia.

Because creating a forest like this makes you smarter.

  • You will learn how to measure your soil. So that’s trigonometry and math.
  • What is the composition of your soil and what is the value of a tree? So that’s biology and chemistry.
  • The position of the sun helps you to design your plan even better. So that’s geography and artistic education.
  • The right choice of plants and trees will teach you everything about the weather and climate. But also about how to put together a menu with all those edible goodies. So that’s nutrition.
  • In addition, you also roll up your sleeves and get to work yourself because you will take cuttings, sow and plant.
  • But economics and marketing are also discussed. How do you promote your plot of land and build a community with parents, teachers and local residents? Your school domain could turn into a really nice place.

Your school domain could well turn out to be the nicest place in the neighborhood.

But we also use this as an alias to talk about our CO2 footprint of course. Because learned young is done old. bARK.today makes it easy for you. In our wake we are bringing along a number of experts from the business community who are already focusing on ‘Green Tech’ so that you know what is coming.

By the way, did you know that research has shown that thanks to a ‘forest underground’ you can boost the immune system of children in 1 month.

Read more about it here .

Has your interest been piqued? Contact us and we will work out a formula tailored to your school

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