Water management, the ‘Keyline’ principle

Besides the soil, your water management is perhaps the most important thing. Especially when you know that drier periods and downpours that cause so much water to come down that the bottom can barely absorb it will now occur more and more.

It is smart to try to collect the water so that your plants and trees can enjoy it to the fullest.

A former Australian mining geologist and engineer PA Yeomans was above all an entrepreneurial spirit. He left the mining industry, where he was mainly an expert in ‘earth moving’, and saw more benefit in running farms. After a heavy fire caused by the drought, he lost almost everything. But it got him thinking. He combined his knowledge of the subsurface layers to protect his own farms from flooding and drought.

His focus was on accelerating topsoil formation by improving the penetration of oxygen, water and plant roots into the soil.

The keyline principle.

The Keyline principle has only recently been thoroughly investigated for the first time.

The goal of the ‘Keyline’ water management is to deliberately delay, sink and disperse rainwater by reducing densification, opening pore space in compacted soil and dispersing excess water to drier parts of the landscape. This has the effect of buffering the natural concentration of water in valleys and reducing flooding.

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