There is so much nonsense out there

If you have to climb Mount Everest, hire an experienced guide. That’s smart.

Then why not do the same with your food forest. Indeed, a lot of knowledge can be found online, but at BARK we mainly believe in working with scientists.

Why? Because you become smarter if you can put all that knowledge that has been thoroughly tested into practice. Of course you can discover it all by yourself. But with the right expertise you will get there faster.

An example of such a scientist who likes to dispel some ‘myths’ is Linda Chalker-Scott. With her page on ‘Horticultural Myths’ a lot of myths are dispelled.

This video is an absolute must. Your soil becomes the most important. We’ll come back to that later. But here’s the sense and nonsense of a mulch layer with cardboard or paper before you can get started.

Would you like to sit down at the table with our experts? Join and sit in the front row to gain real knowledge about food forests.

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