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The living soil handbook

This is another book that is definitely on my wish list. It’s always dangerous when you go and look at Chelsea Publishers. So much choice it will make your head spin.

Taking care of your soil is every gardener’s primary job. In this comprehensive guide, farmer Jesse Frost shares everything he has learned through experience and experimentation with no-till practices on his own farm in Kentucky and from interviews and visits with highly successful gardeners in his role as host of The No-Till Market Garden Podcast.

The Living Soil Handbook is centered around the three basics of no-till gardening:

The Living Soil handbook focuses on the three basic principles of no-till gardening:

  • Disturb the ground as little as possible
  • Keep the ground covered as much as possible
  • Keep the soil planted as much as possible

Farmer Jesse then guides readers in applying those principles in their own garden environment, with their own materials, to achieve their own goals. Starting with an exploration of the importance of photosynthesis for living soil, Jesse provides in-depth information on:

  • Turning Beds
  • Using Compost and Mulch
  • Path management
  • Taking Biology, Preserving Fertility
  • Crop cover
  • Diversification of plantings through intercropping
  • Production methods for seven key crops

Throughout the book, the book emphasizes practical information on the best tools and practices for growers who want to build their livelihoods around maximizing the health of their soil.

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