The right tree for every garden – Martin Hemry

Martin has been working on this masterpiece for more than 4 years. ‘We can still lose 8 million trees in our gardens,’ says emeritus professor Martin Hermy from Leuven. His statement is a strong statement and makes it clear that there is still a lot of room to build a sustainable climate. ‘ he said recently at a lecture organized by Velt.
Martin Hermy currently works at the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, KU Leuven. He conducts research in Environmental Science, Ecology and Botany. He retired in October 2018. But he still teaches ‘Urban ecology & green management’.

His book is a great reference work. There is no longer any doubt. There is a place for the right tree for every garden. Now of course there are more than just edible trees in it. But it makes your head spin because you get to know more than 570 different types of trees that can grow well in our region: from mini trees, espaliers, multi-stem trees to column trees, from evergreen to drought-tolerant trees, native and exotic trees, trees for acidic or wet soils, trees for roof gardens, trees with showy flowers, fall colors or bark to trees with edible fruits. Each group is first explained, followed by a short discussion of some species and cultivars and also a table with more species and some characteristics such as adult height, width and winter hardiness. In principle, all species are smaller than 12 m, so that you will find a suitable tree for every garden, no matter how small.

You can see a nice report from Martin via this link on ROB-TV and discover why the 7 Sons tree is number one for him.

We were lucky enough to receive Martin on one of our webinars. You’ll hear more about it later.

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