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Apples with a corner

What a fun day yesterday. Together with Ester we meet Ruben on our Smuljungle.

You will definitely get to know Esther. She is passionate about grafting, cuttings, propagating, occulating. She is happy to explain the difference to you. She is following an organic farming course at Landwijzer . But will gain knowledge in the field everywhere.

Ruben is a biology teacher with a passion for moths and birds, but also passionate about fruit trees. He is an avid collector of old Fruit Varieties. But certainly does not shy away from new varieties. He dreams aloud of a corner of Aalst. We have a few more such wise people to visit.
We look forward to that.

But the stories about old fruit tree varieties also just come our way. We are going to pick up the book Aalst Naturally . and discover from Paul the manager of Trekking, the outdoor sports store that his father used to have an orchard. The orchard is somewhat neglected because running a business and maintaining an orchard is not easy. They still have one. He dreams of a good pruning training, but they are working on that. Apparently there would be 2 companions that Ester also knows who want to help him on his way. We are adding learning to prune on our list.

Paul tells how his father cherished his apples at the time. It is unbelievable but every day he walked with his cart to Brussels to sell his fruit there. At that time, the family could still live on the yield of 25 standard trees.
Imagine. That would be unthinkable today.
He also gets a bit emotional when he tells how shocked he was that his friends at school at the time broke apples with a bruised or rotten spot. It made him sick. He knew how his father would have treasured that ‘gold’.

Inventory of architectural heritage

If you’re wondering where the name Horse Stables comes from, you don’t have to look far. That comes from the stable next to Trekking. It’s still there today. We chat on. About how consumers only want perfect copies in the store… It makes you think.
In the future I think about the pictures of apples that we show and I discovered a recipe for apples that have had their day. But I think there should be other recipes as well.
Do you have similar stories to tell/share knowledge, don’t hesitate to send us a message

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