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I don’t know Hebrew but still…ReForest Israel

The internet also has its nice sides. You can just connect with someone from the other side of the world. I came across LyOr through LinkedIn. We agreed for a whatsapp call and I ended up in Israel.
He kind of has the same story. Lyor grew up in LA in a house with no yard. What was a blue table full of plants with me, was a front garden with dry grass for him. His family in Israel was blessed with a large vegetable garden. In that way he saw food not only in the shops.
I remember my holidays in our country house where Neighbor Gust and Mariètje did their thing. Putting cherries on jenever or whatever you call it.

He took a permaculture course and was bitten by the Urban Food Forests microbe. He built communities in LA and after a visit to Israel he decided to continue his work there.

After a short technical breakdown, we connect back. He is now in his garden and his 2-year-old daughter is in charge. She knows more about trees and shrubs and recognizes them almost blindly. He knows how privileged she is. That’s nice.

In the meantime, he is not ready for his test piece. His advice. Don’t start planting right away, but take your time. He saw so much wrong in that area. First discover what the goal is and gain a lot of knowledge.

We are definitely on the same wavelength. He loves the Smuljungle story. But the daughter has had enough. He is happy to advise and assist us and introduce us to his international network. Great anyway. We will definitely invite him for a chat. But now it’s family time. To be continued for sure.

For those who understand Hebrew.

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