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What goodies does nature just give for free? Exploring the Smuljungle.

We have somewhat forgotten the art of discovering what goodies nature just offers for free. And of course, don’t just go wild picking but let this selection inspire you to explore in your own garden as well.

Together with herbalist and aromatherapy specialist Katleen Matthieu, we went exploring last Saturday (early May) to see what is already budding in the Smuljungle.

She advised us against just picking in the wild because first of all, you really have to know what you are doing. Many plants have a lot of “Look a likes” that can be poisonous instead of edible.
There are a lot of courses you can take that are highly recommended.
But there are also really very easy plants that you can’t look past. For example, a daisy, nettle or dandelion to name a few.

Apart from that, there are some rules of the game (such as how much, when and where is best to pick). In addition, it is also best to make sure that the site is not too polluted. Too many visits from dogs,… or other animals is not the ideal biotope to then quickly consume raw food.

But still came across a lot of interesting wild plants that might be found in your own garden. Let it inspire you.

Eager to get cooking?

Of course, the Internet is full of delicious recipes but let this inspire you right now.

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